Harry Bryan


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"Trout" was designed as a supply boat for a large fishing camp.  
She will carry 12-14 passengers or the equivalent weight of cargo.    
She would also serve as a picnic boat on protected waters and open bays.

L.O.A.  23"
Beam   6' 6"
Weight approximately 1500 lbs.

Hull type: V-bottom garvey
Construction: laminated cedar bottom and lapstrake topsides over oak frame.
Intended capacity: up to 14 adults
Propulsion: 20-30 hp 4-stroke outboard.

Building Data
Skill needed; intermediate
Lofting required for frames and transoms
Alternative construction:  plywood (not detailed)

Plans description
Four large sheets of drawings;
1. outboard plan and profile
2. lines and offsetts
3. Construction
4. Details


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