Rambler 20'
Harry Bryan

Rambler 20'

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After Wooden Boat magazine published an article on the 16 ½’ Rambler, there was much interest in a larger version. The 20' boat detailed in these plans is our response. Not only longer, but 18" wider, this design will seat 4 under the protection of her hard top awning. A sliding hatch over the helmsman allows stand up navigation when needed while keeping the profile of the boat low enough for classic good looks. 

It is expected that builders will loft the boat fully and consult with us during building.

LOA             20’ 0”
BEAM          6’ 6”
WEIGHT       (Not calculated)

Hull type: V-Bottom launch
Construction: Lap-streak cedar over oak.
Intended capacity: 1-8
Propulsion: 8-16 hp. inboard diesel
Skill needed: Intermediate or better
Lofting required: Yes. Complete lines and drive train to at least 3"= 1'. Stem, forefoot and transom full sized.
Alternative construction: Glued lap plywood (not detailed)
Plans consist of four (18"x 24") sheets:
1 - Construction drawing;
2 - Lines and offsetts
3 - Profile and plan
4 - scantlings and details.

Cost: $40 + $10 shipping = $50 CDN


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