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When you buy a boat from Bryan Boatbuilding you not only get a fine quality boat but you support a tradition of hand tool use and a way of life which we feel leads to a better world.


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When choosing a boat many people look only at the end result and make a decision based on its colour, details, and promised performance. Choosing a boat involves much more than this. A boat that is used for a simple, quiet afternoon of sailing or paddling is often made largely of petro-chemicals produced by large industries. Its manufacturers work in disposable coveralls and wear protective gear to alleviate the toxic effects of their work environment. Many of the small, independent companies that originated the designs have been bought by larger companies and the workers have been laid off or moved to larger centres.

At Bryan Boatbuilding we believe in small independent businesses using locally produced materials as much as possible. We harvest and saw a large part of our cedar near our home in southwestern New Brunswick. Our oak is bought from a family mills in southern New England. We use a minimum of power tools in order to create a quiet and clean working environment. A band saw and thickness planer, powered by a small diesel, do the initial shaping of rough lumber. Thereafter, parts are shaped by solar and wind powered tools, human powered machinery, and traditional hand tools.

We feel that all of our potential customers are hoping, with the purchase of a new boat, to enjoy a quiet alternative to the hectic schedule of their daily lives. With the selection of a Bryan boat you show that you support small business dedicated to quality and that you have an understanding of quality and an environmental awareness that goes beyond your recreational hours.

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